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Internet marketing is relatively inexpensive when compared to the ratio of cost against the reach of the target audience. Companies can reach a wide audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets. The nature of the medium allows consumers to research and purchase products and services at their own convenience.


Finding what's nearby is a big part of Google Local Search. Now the same information can be made available on your own website. I Can Seo You help in what you need to know to have your site appear in a Google Local search results page.


Local search is only one sliver of the search marketing game, but it is an increasingly important one, and one that is changing rapidly. These days people are going to the web to find local businesses, sometimes more than even the phone book. Having a presence in local search is imperative for any small business, but just as imperative is being able to compete for visibility.

This is were I Can SEO You can help, with years of experience in the internet industry we know what it takes to be top of search engines...

Doing well in local search means much more than simply having a listing in Google Maps. Local search is a competitive and increasingly critical space of the web that local businesses need to take seriously. Take into account the rise of the mobile web, which is only going to greatly increase in consumer use, and local plays that much more of a role in getting customers to your business.




A search engine's organic results sometimes called the natural results are produced using mathematical principles which score the importance and relevance of each website for a particular search term, awarding the high ranking positions to the websites which achieve the highest aggregate scores. Unlike search engines sponsored listings (PPC), it is not possible to directly buy a high position in a Search Engines organic results.

Research into SE user behaviour has shown that the majority of searchers do not look beyond the first two pages of SE results. If searchers cannot find what they are looking for in the first 20-30 results, they modify their search criteria rather than looking deeper into the results. A web site with the top search engine ranking for a popular search term will typically generate between 100 and 1000 times the traffic volume of a website ranking on the third page of the SE results. The aim of search engine optimization is therefore to win a place, and ultimately the coveted number 1 spot, on the first page of the SE results pages (SERPs) for a range of targeted, high traffic search terms.





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